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Project Expertise Services
Triantafyllia dam and appurtenant structures design / Technical Consultant for Triantafylia dam works construction Dams and Reservoirs, Hydrology, Procurement, Project Management, Tender documents, Water Consulting, Design
Implemetation of RBMP's at the river basins districts of Peloponnese, European Comission's Water Framework Directive 2000/60/EC, Act 3199/2003 and P.D. 51/2007 Capacity building, Environmental, Geographical Information Systems, Project Management, Water Resources Management Design
i-adapt: Innovative approaches to halt desertification in Pinios. Piloting emerging technologies Geographical Information Systems, Hydrology, Water, Water Resources Management Research
Hydraulic design and hydrology reports of Patra-Pyrgos-Tsakona (PAPYTSA) Olympia Odos Highway Geographical Information Systems, Hydrology, Project Management, Water Design
Environmental flood protection works in urban areas - Adjustment of Xerias stream in Korinthos Environmental, Hydrology, Procurement, Project finance, Project Management, Structural, Surveying, Water Design
Final study of the primary and secondary irrigation and drainage network of area II in Serres Geographical Information Systems, Geotechnical, Health & Safety Plans, Hydrology, Irrigation, Procurement, Project Management, Structural, Surveying, Tender documents Design
Extension of the water supply network of Karditsa Geographical Information Systems, Procurement, Project Management, Water Design
Attiki Odos Highway hydraulic works Project Management, Water Design
Volos greater region water supply network Procurement, Project Management, Tender documents, Water Design
Revision of the Volos water supply network study Geographical Information Systems, Procurement, Project Management, Tender documents, Water Design


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